New Products

Special Foods for Special Needs

Even when you are feeding the best bird food for your backyard friends, there are still some times when extra nutrition is required. Or you need to use a quick deterrent for some persistent critters. Wild Birds Unlimited has specialty foods that can help with that.



Our Nesting Blend is a high protein, high fat food, calcium rich food that supplies the extra nutrients birds need during nesting season. Nesting season is very difficult on adult birds, similar to the stresses they undergo during the coldest winters, and a nutrient rich food is very important to their survival (as well as producing healthy baby birds). Our Nesting Blend contains sunflower chips, tree nuts, Bark Butter Bits, mealworms and calcium carbonate. Available in both a 6 lb resealable bag and a small cylinder.



Rodents love a free meal and to them, that is what your bird feeder is - lunch. There are many products that you can use to keep squirrels and rats away from your feeders but one of the most successful is hot pepper products. Hot pepper works so well because birds and mammals taste foods differently; birds do not have a taste receptor for heat in their mouths and so they cannot taste the hot food. To them, it;s just bird food. Mammals chew their food so the capsaicin (the chemical found in peppers) is immediately released in their mouths causing an unpleasant reaction. So while mammals will leave this food alone, birds will enjoy a quiet meal.*

Fiery Feast contains sunflower chips, nuts and comes in a screw top 7 lb bag. Use caution whenever you use a hot pepper product. Do not inhale any fumes (stand downwind) and use gloves if it may come in contact with your bare skin.



Same as the Fiery Feast but without the nuts.




We have made our high quality suet even better. Introducing Super Suet, the best quality suet you can buy. This high protein, high fat suet also contains ground meal worms, tree nuts and calcium carbonate. It is the perfect food to feed your birds; the high fat content is needed for winter, the calcium carbonate is important for nesting and the high protein is needed for molting and nesting season. Available in a No-Melt Dough for summer and a Hot Pepper in regular and dough to keep your squirrels off.



Bark Butter has long been a favourite of many types of birds. We are happy to introduce this great product in different sizes that will make it easier for all customers to use. 


One food that will be popular with the birds is our new Bugs and Bits, a 6 lb mixture of Bark Butter Bits and meal worms!

Probably the biggest problem with Bark Butter is that squirrels love it too. Now, they won't with the addition of Hot Pepper Bark Butter in your arsenal! Save all that tasty goodness for your feathered friends. Available in the same sizes as the regular Bark Butter products.




Try our Quick-Bites Feeder for either Bark Butter Bits or our extra-small size of Bark Butter. Ideal for feeding on your deck or other small spaces.