Pagoda Hummingbird Feeder

No longer does a hummingbird feeder need to be round!

The New Pagoda style feeder features a decorative ruby red top with a wrap around high perch for  the birds to sit. It also comes with Nectar Guard tips to keep bees and wasps away in the summer time. And for people who have lots of hummingbirds, it also comes with an additional small hook so you can hang feeders directly above each other.  


Flying Start Feeder with a Hood

Cylinder feeding is a very popular and easy way to feed your birds. The Flying Start Feeder is an inexpensive way for someone to hang out a bird feeder and quickly attract many different species of birds. The only disadvantage to this feeder for us on the west coast is that without a cover, the food would get wet. We are happy to now offer a separate roof and tray that will fit on the Flying Start Feeder to help keep it dry when it's wet - the roof can be easily removed during good weather.




Boxed Deck Hardware Set

This boxed APS Hardware Set has everything you need to mount a pole system on your deck. And like all the other APS hardware components, you can add additional arms, extensions and baffles.

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